TEAM UP 2022 Reflections: Oxfam GB's CEO

Tuesday 21 June – Central London/Zoom

150+ attendees | 20+ Speakers | 5+ interactive sessions

At TEAM UP 2022, our sustainability conference with IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative, Oxfam GB's CEO Danny Sriskandarajah urged the industry to act now - and to act boldly - to address inequalities in the tea supply chain.

What we need to do urgently is pay more for tea, but more importantly... [we need to] create equitable, shared value chains.

- Danny Sriskandarajah, Oxfam GB's CEO

Reflecting on the conference, Danny stressed the urgent need to create fair value chains that work for everyone. For Danny, this means paying more for tea and, critically, sharing value across the supply chain to better recognise workers and farmers' efforts.

We'll soon share more details from this year's TEAM UP, including the calls for action and the resources businesses can use to support positive change.

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