TEAM UP 2022 Reflections: Ahmad Tea

Tuesday 21 June – Central London/Zoom

150+ attendees | 20+ Speakers | 5+ interactive sessions

This summer we brought together business leaders and key players from across the tea value chain for TEAM UP 2022, our sustainability conference with IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative.

Zahra Afshar heads up Legal and Sustainability at our member Ahmad Tea. On the day she was inspired by hearing experts from within and beyond tea, as well as delegates, sharing their tea sustainability experiences. For Zahra, this opportunity to connect with such an influential audience of key stakeholders is invaluable as "we can't do it alone."

I've seen everyone from across the sector come together and share their learnings.

- Zahra Afshar, Head of Legal & Sustainability at Ahmad Tea


At TEAM UP 2022 we explored the tea sector’s most significant and challenging sustainability issues, including the challenges of achieving net zero; the practicalities of the latest women’s empowerment and protection guidance and frameworks; and approaches to living wage and living incomes.

A full report from this year's TEAM UP will be released soon. It will include the calls for action and the resources businesses can use to support positive change.

In the meantime, if you missed any of the highlights from the conference just click here to read the round-up blog.