TEAM UP 2022: One month on

Tuesday 21 June – Central London/Zoom

150+ attendees | 20+ Speakers | 5+ interactive sessions

Today marks one month since the key tea stakeholders came together for TEAM UP 2022, our sustainability conference with IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative.

Our Executive Director, Jenny Costelloe, takes this opportunity to remind the industry that we collectively recognised the need for change, and checks in on the progress being made.

Change is the only constant; we need to work really hard to create change in tea - and do it together.

- Jenny Costelloe, ETP's Executive Director

We'll soon be sharing details about the topics of discussion from the conference, along with the resources, roadmaps and initiatives that the tea industry need to make positive change happen.

Sticking to theme of change, Jenny also outlines some exciting developments in the works at ETP.

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