Our vision is for a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

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We welcome your feedback on our Strategy2030 and are keen to hear your thoughts. Please get in touch to discuss this further, and we’d be delighted to share more detail on any of the points outlined.  

Our impact

Our work is designed to create a positive impact in three areas: the economics of tea; equality for women and young people in tea; and the environmental sustainability of tea. Within these three impact areas, we focus on specific issues.

Our Theory of Change explains the change we would like to see in the tea sector and how we will create this change in tea communities:

Theory of Change for ETP

A thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable

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Our approach

ETP’s vision is ambitious. We want to tackle deep-rooted, complex issues and create lasting change for the global tea sector. We have designed an approach based upon theories for systems change, which include collaboration, piloting new models, adapting and learning, and disrupting the existing way of doing things. Our approach is described below in our strategy ‘temple’.

Localising our work

ETP’s success is based on our ability to adapt our strategy to the local context in tea-producing origins. Our experienced regional teams bring the strategy to life in each country, focusing on the most pressing needs and urgent issues, working with the most influential stakeholders in each region, and monitoring the changing regulatory environment in the countries.

Each country has a different portfolio of ongoing projects, pilots, and policy work, accompanied with customised plans for the future.



Sri Lanka




This map outlines our current activity around the world:


We welcome your feedback on our Strategy2030. We’d be delighted to share more detail, and to discuss any of the points outlined further.