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TEAM UP 2017 Report

This year, at the first-ever TEAM UP held in Africa, we reflected on how African tea-producing nations are home to some of the tea industry’s most innovative and ambitious sustainability programmes. This report highlights key conclusions from the day and ways forward that will create positive change across the industry and improve the lives of tea workers, farmers, and their communities.

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China Supplier Conference Report

The Ethical Tea Partnership China Supplier Conference held in Hangzhou, China on 6-8 April 2017, brought leaders from the Chinese tea industry together with representatives of international buying companies to discuss practical ways of implementing sustainability in China’s tea growing regions. This reports covers key insights and developments.

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Moving towards a climate resilient tea production system in Assam

As part of the TGB-ETP project, the Tea Research Association (TRA) was commissioned to generate predictions of the climatic changes that will take place in India’s tea growing regions in the next 50 years. The goal of this report is to identify those areas that will remain suitable for tea cultivation, those areas that require adaptation, and those that may become unsuitable and may need to switch from tea to other crops.

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Farmer Field Schools, Malawi

Farmer field schools are used to teach tea farmers about good agricultural practices. In this video they learn about the importance of fire breaks to help protect tea bushes and crops.

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