Position paper: Empowered, safe tea communities

Our paper outlines our global position on creating creating empowered, safe tea communities, the challenges, and our approach.

Gender norms and discriminatory attitudes globally result in the undervaluing of women and girls and their disempowerment in public and private life. This makes them especially vulnerable to violence and harassment in workplaces, communities, and households. Prevailing attitudes towards gender often normalise discrimination and prevent survivors from seeking remediation.

We work towards a tea industry that prioritises the safety and well-being of women and girls, where they are free from gender-based violence, respected, and empowered to report the issues they face without fear or stigmatisation.

This paper outlines ETP’s position on creating empowered, safe tea communities.

Find out more about the challenges contributing to violence and harassment in the tea industry, and our approach to catalysing change.