Risk Factors for Gender-based Violence - Oxfam report 


Oxfam America has released a report that documents incidences of domestic and workplace violence among female tea workers in India and the factors that put these women at risk of violence.

The report reviews existing evidence on workplace violence on tea plantations in India and argues that a combination of unequal plantation hierarchies, the migrant status of workers, and lack of other job opportunities for female tea pluckers all contribute to a setting where workplace violence is normalised.

The study also states that women whose families have a history of domestic violence, and women whose partners drink frequently, are around 20% more likely to be survivors of domestic violence themselves. It also finds that women who are employed are more likely to have experienced domestic violence, especially women who are employed in commercial plantations. The report concludes by suggesting that domestic and workplace violence should be seen as connected issues.  

Read the full report here