Our positions

Read our global positions on the changes we'd like to see in the tea sector.

Our work is designed to create a positive impact in three areas: the economics of tea; equality for women and young people in tea; and the environmental sustainability of tea. Read more in our Strategy2030.

Our global position papers detail our stance on each of our impact areas, outlining the challenges as well as our approach to driving change. We will add each of our position papers to this page as they are published.

We focus on these specific issues:

  • Economically thriving tea industry
  • Equality for everyone in tea
    • Empowered, safe communities.
    • Equal opportunities for women and young people.
  • Environmentally sustainable tea production
    • Climate resilient agriculture.
    • Zero deforestation.
    • Net zero tea.


Our position papers

Many workers throughout the tea supply chain experience extreme poverty and do not earn enough to meet their basic needs, nor those of their families.

There are many complex factors that contribute to this, including the low price of tea, rising production costs, and business practices.

This paper outlines the Ethical Tea Partnership's position on living wages in the tea industry.

It describes some of the challenges faced when trying to achieve living wages in tea, and summarises our approach to driving progress in this area.