Membership criteria

Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) membership is open to any company that packs, trades, or sells tea.

Our Membership Global Rules outline our current membership criteria for ETP Members. These are under review by the ETP Board in consultation with ETP’s current members, and a new set of criteria will be confirmed in 2024.

Currently, the ETP Board has agreed the following exemptions to our Global Rules for all ETP membership categories:

  • ETP membership is open to companies based in any country that is not listed in the UK government’s sanctions list.
  • Whilst ETP encourages purchasing certified tea where possible, we do not require all sites within our members’ supply chains to be certified. Instead:
    • All ETP membership categories must provide a full list of all the sites where they purchase Camellia sinensis. ETP will publish an aggregated list of all our members’ suppliers, which will remain anonymised unless the ETP member volunteers to be listed as buying from named suppliers.

      The aim of this is to demonstrate that ETP Members “know their supply chain” and can disclose publicly about where their tea comes from – based on a “nothing to hide” principle.

    • All ETP membership categories are required to publish a CEO-endorsed statement explaining how they are working with their suppliers to uphold the best social and economic practices. The aim of this statement is to strengthen producer-buyer dialogue and to maintain the good practices that certification has catalysed.

How do I apply?

Register your interest in joining ETP via this form and our team will be in touch with the next steps.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.