Know your supply chain: ETP members' webinar

Tuesday 14 March, 15:00-16:30 GMT – Zoom


Join us on Tuesday 14 March, 15:00-16:30 GMT for a highly interactive webinar about the global move towards knowing your supply chain, exclusively for ETP's members. Our expert team will also update you on details for this year's annual sourcing and volumes request, which is an essential confirmation of your membership.

This engaging webinar is your chance to hear the latest thinking about action around knowing your supply chain. Business leaders at several ETP member companies will share best practice and their advice on how to effectively implement their learnings in your business. You'll also get insights from outside of tea, as we share case studies from the garment sector.

Together, we'll explore adopting due diligence and transparency practices in creative, diverse and solutions-led discussions with your peers.

Ahead of the session, read our latest factsheet to understand what it means to know your supply chain better, and some benefits of supply chain due diligence and data sharing.

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The webinar will cover (all times GMT):


Introductions & housekeeping. 


Annual information request: Details about 2023's sourcing and volume information request for ETP's members.


Context: ETP's Business & Innovation Lead, Shivdi Singh, outlines the global move towards knowing your supply chain.


Lessons from tea: Three ETP member companies share what they’ve learnt from adopting due diligence practices and transparency. Hear from: 

  • Zahra Afshar, Legal Counsel and Head of Sustainability at Ahmad Tea

    Zahra is a passionate advocate for human rights and sustainability. At Ahmad Tea she is responsible for overseeing the company’s regular human rights impact assessments in the supply chain, as well as providing legal counsel for the company. In addition, as Head of Sustainability for her family company, she monitors the net zero plan and the company’s commitment that between 10-20% of profits go to CSR projects around the world.

    Before joining Ahmad Tea, Zahra cross-qualified as a defence solicitor under Imran Khan, a prominent solicitor advocate, known internationally for his human rights and criminal defence work.

    Zahra is a trained barrister specialising in human rights and international humanitarian law.

  • Susan Turner, Ethical Trading Manager at Taylors of Harrogate

    Susan joined Taylors of Harrogate as Ethical Trading Manager in August 2020. She is an agricultural scientist by background, specialising in food safety.

    Before joining Taylors of Harrogate, Susan spent her career working in technical management roles within the fresh produce industry, across a range of crops, sourcing models, geographies, and markets.

    Susan has previously volunteered for the Provincial Lao government's agriculture department. For two years she supported projects on sustainable fertiliser use for smallholder rice farmers and the establishment of disease-free nurseries for durian production.

  • Céline Gilart, Director Social Impact and Sustainability at Twinings

    Céline Gilart is Director of Social Impact & Sustainability at Twinings, where she leads ethical sourcing, human rights and sustainability strategies for the business and heads up Twinings Sourced with Care, its global tea responsible sourcing programme. Sourced with Care is a holistic and participatory programme to improve the life of communities who grow tea and herbs.

    Céline has strong experience in building and evolving social impact programmes and successfully integrating them within the business. She is also well-versed in developing and leveraging multistakeholder partnerships to drive positive change at scale. Her knowledge and experience enable her to set ambitious targets and to actively leverage resources to achieve them.


Lessons beyond tea: Chief Partnerships & Communications Officer, Katie Shaw, from supply chain mapping platform, Open Supply Hub details how sharing supply chain data encourages collaboration across the sector, with live examples from the garment sector.


Your questions. 


Closing remarks & next steps.


Webinar ends.