ITV News

Climate change threatening Kenya's tea industry

Friday 16 July 2021

Climate change is disrupting weather patterns globally, including in Kenya's tea regions - where it threatens tea farmers' ability to grow tea, impacting their incomes.

In this report for ITV News, their Senior International Correspondent John Irvine investigates the impact of climate change on the tea sector, with a focus on Kenya as the leading origin source of tea for the UK. The report includes interviews with tea farmers in Kenya, as well as ETP's Programme Manager Jane Nyambura.

This news report comes in advance of COP26 being held in November this year in Scotland. Click here for our response to a recent Christan Aid report on the same issue.

As our Executive Director, Jenny Costelloe, says:
“The realities of climate change are felt every day by farmers in Kenya – from the reduced rainfalls to the increased temperatures. Its impacts mean that tea farmers will not be able to grow as much tea as previously and ultimately their incomes will be reduced. We need international collaboration and investment to help support farmers to change the way they grow tea, such as adopting drought resistant tea bushes, and recognising and rewarding climate smart agriculture practices.”

Click here to read more about how we're working with the sector to address environmental challenges and respond to the impacts of climate change.