We are extremely excited to announce that A. Kuster Sirocco AG is the first company from Switzerland to join the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). Founded in 1908 by Alfonso Kuster, the company quickly established itself for roasting high quality coffee. In 2009, more than a century later, A. Kuster Sirocco AG took the plunge and applied the same principles and high standards to a new organic tea collection.

Their range of pure teas, which are certified as 100% organic, are packed in fine, handcrafted sachets made of biodegradable materials that are good for the environment.

The announcement underlines a period of exceptional support for ETP with 47 international tea companies and retailers now working together through ETP to improve tea sustainability. This support is reflected by another successful TEAM UP event – held in Kenya for the first time, and events in China and India that are catalysing the supply chain and helping the sector to make progress against the Sustainable Development Goals.

On news of the announcement Sarah Roberts, Executive Director, ETP said, “We are presently experiencing a huge amount of support, which is great for communities around the world that grow and produce tea. It’s a great privilege to welcome our first ever member from Switzerland and we will continue to run our wide range of programmes that are transforming the sector and making ETP the partner of choice for tea sustainability.”

"Sustainability, fairness, and social responsibility are not merely passing fads but have been central concerns for more than 100 years since the company was founded, and handed down from generation to generation. Joining the Ethical Tea Partnership underline our efforts in all these areas." Ralph Grüniger, owner and CEO of A. Kuster Sirocco AG.