Insights from ETP’s expert regional team 

Hear from our experienced in-country team as they share the most pressing challenges for tea communities, and detail how we’re addressing these through ETP’s Strategy2030.

Our vision is for a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

See highlights of our reach to date in this video, and click here for a report detailing the impact of our work on the ground over the last five years.

With support from our members, we are now implementing our Strategy2030. Collectively, we are driving forward positive impact across the economics of tea; equality for women and young people; and the environmental sustainability of tea. Click here to learn more about our approach.

As we deliver our new strategy, our local, expert team outline the main challenges tea communities face in each region across the three impact areas of our strategy, and detail how we’re addressing these through our current work and future plans.


Our Programme Manager Diya Kharwadkar, who leads activity on the ground, shares more:


Hear Regional Manager Nelia Latief's insights:


Stakeholder & Partnerships Manager in Kenya Jane Nyambura shares more:


Hear from Country Manager Thwango Ndalama:


Project Coordinator Janvier Afrika shares his insights:

Sri Lanka

Regional Manager Ishan Rajasuriya details more: