I’ve been meaning to write a communications update for some time now to cover a few of the developments that have recently taken place: from new members and projects, to expanding our programmes and partnerships. One thing I really enjoy about being the Communications Manager is that it gives me the opportunity to follow the variety of projects we’re involved in.

Recently we’ve been busy developing new literature to ensure that we have up-to-date materials that encapsulate our work. These are presented as case studies and give a good overview of some of our leading projects and the strategic partnerships we’re engaged with, and can be found here.

However, I think the main thing that prompted me to write this post was a request from my colleague Jane, who coordinates our climate change adaptation work in Kenya. Jane’s relatively new to the ETP and is really passionate about her role, so when she asked me for help designing a poster, I could hardly say no!

Climate Change PosterEducational posters

The aim of the poster is to help educate farmers about climate change and what they can do to be more prepared and resilient to its effects. The reason why it’s poignant for me is because last year I visited Kenya and saw tea growing for the first time, and by designing this poster I feel like I’m actively contributing to making the tea industry more sustainable.

To help spread the message, the poster will be produced in English and in Kikuyu – a local Kenyan dialect. I’d like to claim that I have taken a crash course in Kikuyu and am 100% proficient, but luckily for me, Jane provided translations. These posters will be displayed at more than 200 KTDA selling centres to ensure that the smallholder farmers that sell their tea there have access to information - surely the foundation for all good development work?

Climate change hub for the tea industry

Finally, on the subject of information, I had a very brief conversation with an advisor from GIZ who thought that the ETP website was the ideal place to host a climate change sustainability hub for the tea industry. I guess this is a good reflection of all the good work we’re doing on climate change, and it is something I would very much  like to pursue…