We’re pleased to announce that the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) Holdings on behalf of the Board of Directors has appointed Jane Nyambura as an independent Director of the KTDA Foundation. The appointment reflects the hard work and commitment that Jane has given to helping smallholders earn better livelihoods from tea farming.

The KTDA Foundation is a not for profit charity that seeks to raise funds in Kenya and abroad to initiate and support programmes that improve the welfare of smallholder tea farmers in Kenya and participate in other good causes.

Programmes include:

  • High school scholarships for needy children
  • Tree planting projects
  • Water projects
  • Financial management training for farmers

Of her appointment Jane says, “I’m extremely honoured to have been appointed to the Foundation, which has come about as a result of all the hard work that ETP has been doing in Kenya.” The key areas that Jane will focus on are:

  • Diversification programmes for farmers
  • Programmes for the farmers’ workers
  • Supporting more children through education
  • Switching to alternative energy sources
  • Commercial tree planting by farmers, schools, and factories

Jane continues, “My role in the Foundation gives me an opportunity to link all of the positive work of the ETP to other communities involved in growing and producing tea.”